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Abs Uncrunched — My Review

Scott Colby’s Abs Uncrunched is another amazing program! “Burn stubborn belly fat and get a flat sexy stomach without doing a single crunch…” As a busy mom, it appeals to me because of its SHORT, but intense workouts. There is no way you could say you don’t have time to do one of these workouts! They take 15-25 minutes each! Don’t let the short time fool you, though…you will be huffing, puffing, and sweating!)

These workouts are different and FUN, and you don’t need much equipment to do it—It helps if you can get these 3 things: A stability ball, a “Jungle Gym,” which is a rope-like piece of equipment that helps you do bodyweight rows (you can also substitute with a resistance band), and a “Gliding Disk,” which you do some different whole body Ab exercises with. Very cool stuff. Scott tells you where to find it all, too!

The exercises are bodyweight, and you do them in your house or in your backyard or at a park or playground while you watch your kids play! I love being outside to do the workouts! You are in the fresh air, enjoying the sun, the kids, etc. No more being trapped inside a sweaty gym, waiting in line for BORING machines. YUCK!

Scott lays out the whole program for you—the exercises are explained in detail, pictures are included, and you get video downloads with the program that show every exercise being done. This program is SO easy to follow!

Another thing that is so great about his program is that it comes with so much support, which is one of the KEY factors in a successful fat loss program!! Scott has set up a fitness community called “MyFitPals” where you can sign on and chat, share your successes, struggles, questions, etc. with other fit-minded people who are doing the same program. Everyone on there is an encouragement—they will cheer you on, help you to stay motivated, hold you accountable, and answer questions about the workouts, etc.

Scott is also very accessible—you will get a prompt reply when you email him a question or concern. It’s pretty much like you have a personal trainer…without the HIGH DOLLAR price tag!!

He gives all kinds of awesome nutrition information and tells you the exact foods you should be eating to promote fat loss and uncover those Abs. He gives you actual menu plans and sample eating schedules. He explains why the body weight movements are more effective than single joint movements, and why the interval training is superior to regular aerobic exercise.

There are many different training routines, as well as a complete schedule for a “12 Week Abs Makeover.” I love this program!! Scott tells you exactly what to do each day.

Abs Uncrunched is SO perfect for people, like me, who are very busy!! The number one thing my friends say to me is, “I do not have TIME to workout!!!” I ask everyone, “Do you have 15 minutes a day?” Get Abs Uncrunched!! You will be ripped and chistled and you will almost feel guilty that you are doing it with such SHORT workouts, when your friends are trying to do the long gym/ cardio workouts!!

Abs Uncrunched is one of the best values out there as far as training programs are concerned. You are getting so much quality stuff...I think you should hurry and grab your AbsUncrunched before Scott realizes that he messed up on the price!! I highly recommend this program, and I’m going to be starting the “12 Week Abs Makeover” as soon as I finish my TT contest. Can’t wait!



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Abs Uncrunched

Scott Colby's
Abs Uncrunched

The Abs Uncrunched training system teaches you how to get a flat stomach and six-pack abs without doing a single crunch.

















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