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Fitness & Diet Program Reviews

My take on these fitness workout excercise programs:

"...When I met up with some friends who I hadn’t seen in awhile, they were floored by the changes in my body—and they were poking my muscles and asking me to show them my arms..."


My full review of Turbulence Training

"...an awesome lifestyle program for busy moms who want to get their pre-baby bodies back ... workouts are laid out for you in an easy to use format—there are easy to follow explanations of why and how to do each exercise. The workout plan even gives four different options for you to chose from..."

My full review of Fit Yummy Mummy

"As a busy mom, it appeals to me because of its SHORT, but intense workouts. There is no way you could say you don’t have time to do one of these workouts! ... sign on and chat, share your successes, struggles, questions, etc. with other fit-minded people who are doing the same program. Everyone on there is an encouragement—they will cheer you on..."

My full review of Abs Uncrunched

"She gives so much great information on fat loss in general, but also how to correct your fat loss problems. It is packed with nutrition and training information..."

My full review of The Fat Loss Troubleshoot

The Fat Loss Troubleshoot
by Leigh Peele

Fat Loss Troubleshoot

"It was FOUNDATIONAL for me in my quest for six-pack Abs. I never even considered it a possibility to have a six-pack until Mike’s explanation of exactly how to do it ... I especially love the section titled 'My Advanced Secret Weapon Exercises.' These are awesome, fat-blasting exercises, and I try to incorporate 1 or 2 of them in each of my workouts..."

My full review of The Truth About Six Pack Abs

"...when you add 1-2 fasts each week, along with doing a workout program that includes intervals and resistance training 3 days per week, you can basically eat how you would normally eat (for maintenance) and lose fat and weight."

My full review of Eat Stop Eat

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